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If you want to know how to solve the problem of dark circles, some essential oils such as rose otto oil can be used. Then there are other natural remedies such as applying potato puree, cucumber slices, cold spoons and so on. The latter remedies are great for providing temporary relief and can be used as often as you like. But rose oil is a bit different as it has great history of being beneficial for many skin problems. It also goes back a long way in that the great Persian physician called Avicenna wrote a whole book about essential oils including the rose otto oil. His other books such as The Canon of Medicine were used in many medical schools in Europe as late as the seventeenth century. One way on how to solve the problem of dark circles is to mix the rose otto essential oil with jojoba oil. Another way is to add just a few drops of rose otto oil to small balls of cotton wool which have been soaked in cool water and apply to the eye area. The qualities of rose oil in aromatherapy are remarkable for coping with depression, grief and insomnia.

It is also useful as a sedative and can help with problems such as nervous tension, heart problems and also stress. How can this essential oil be so effective for so many problems, both physical and psychological? One answer lies in the fact that because of their tiny molecules, they can easily penetrate the skin. Just think that there are 40 million trillion molecules which works out at about 40,000 molecules for every cell in the body. As regards other ways on how to solve the problem of dark circles, we should be looking at an eye serum which contains no harmful chemical and which is fully bio available to the skin so that it can penetrate it. As we are dealing with the sensitive eye area, we are going to need certain preparations which can actually strengthen the skin there and reduce the spillage from the delicate capillaries that criss cross the area.

I know that certain cosmaceutical companies have found new peptides which can be used with other natural ingredients such as active manuka honey which has powerful soothing and healing properties. We should also be looking at other natural ingredients such as an extract from seaweed which can be effective in helping to rejuvenate the skin cells at a molecular level. This is important because there are many skin care preparations which contain molecules which are far too large to enter the epidermis. I can think of animal and marine derived collagen which never really penetrate at all. You can browse more information about paleo diet from .

This is also another reason why rose oil is so valuable. Once we make sure that the company we choose is actually committed to using safe and natural ingredients like the ones I have mentioned above we can be safe in the knowledge that we are giving our skin the best possible treatment on the market today. William Colbert is passionate about natural, safe skincare and has extensively researched the best skin friendly ingredients on the market to-day. Eight Constitution Medicine is a completely new medical paradigm and has cured intractable and previously incurable diseases. It was first presented to the world in 1965 by Dowon Kuon, a world renowned acupuncturist that is currently treating cancer patients and conducting research at Jesun Acupuncture Clinic and Dawnting Cancer Research Institute in South Korea. His findings have stayed true after 47 years and 1 million plus clinical cases: all human beings regardless of gender or race can be classified into eight different human individualities or constitutions.

Each constitution has dynamic associations between internal organs. Some people are born with lungs that are strong but with a weaker liver. Others entered this world with weak lungs yet have strong functioning livers. Additional weak/strong pairs are: kidneys and pancreas, stomach and bladder, large intestine and gallbladder.

Dr. Kuon refers to this state as ‘suitably unbalanced’. Maintaining this state optimizes the immune function of the human body. So when a person’s strong internal organ becomes overly strong or a weak one deteriorates, his body can succumb to illness. If this person sought treatment in Eight Constitution Medicine for his illness, the state of their internal organs at birth would dictate their treatment. It would be completely personalized from someone else who may have the same illness because their constitutions would be totally different. By identifying the weaker internal organs at birth, it is also that much easier to understand the cause of an illness.


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